The Monotype Caster

We recently obtained a Monotype Composition Caster and a Supercaster from Harry McIntosh of SpeedSpools in Edinburgh along with an excellent supply of mats. The Composition Caster has the computer interface devised by Harry which replaces the original paper tape reader. This means we can cast type straight from the computer avoiding any keying errors that might be introduced by a keyboard operator.

Composition Caster and Supercaster
Monotype Composition Caster and Monotype Supercaster

A little video showing the machine in operation casting the type
for our recent reproduction edition of the Wipers Times

Border Ornaments

We have a number of 12pt border ornaments available for purchase. They’re listed in our little brochure which was so popular at the recent St Bride Wazgoose, that we ran out!

The world of Glint! Chess type to set any position.
Borders leaflet 12pt Gill Sans Extra Bold. The caster in action.

Composition Casting

We have started to catalogue the mats we have and the following list is an indication of our holdings. It may be that we have bold mats that are not indicated by their series numbers, but are neverless contained within the appropriate diecase. It may also be that we have a diecase that has yet to be catalogued.


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Casting News

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